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Train to Teach - The pilot

Join hosts Chris, and Louisa, as they embark on a captivating exploration of the highs, lows, and unexpected twists in the world of teacher training. Whether you're a seasoned educator reminiscing about your own training days or someone considering the noble pursuit of teaching, this podcast is your backstage pass to the unscripted reality of shaping young minds. 

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Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

In this episode, we sit down with Rory, whose path to becoming a teacher took an unexpected turn. Rory initially hesitated, questioning whether his background in filming and the police force might be too narrow for a career in education. However, as we'll soon discover, Rory not only found his way into teaching but also discovered a deep sense of fulfilment in helping others.

Join us as Rory opens up about his initial doubts, the turning point that led him to embrace his calling, and the unique perspective he brings to the classroom. Balancing insightful words of advice with candid stories, Rory takes us through the highs and lows of his first term on our Train to Teach program.

Whether you're contemplating a career change or simply seeking inspiration, Rory's journey is sure to resonate. So, grab your favourite beverage, settle in, and let's dive into this enriching conversation with Rory on Train to Teach.

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Eureka moment

In this episode, we're joined by Chris Mitchell, Director Principal of ESA - Elstree Screen Arts Academy. Graduating as a Graphic Designer, he ventured into 3D projection and showcases at Edinburgh Fringe Theatre. Balancing his artistic pursuits, John stumbled into teaching part-time, discovering his passion for collaborative learning. Now, proudly embracing the title of "educationalist," Chris shares his unique journey blending art and education.

Join us as we uncover the story of Chris's evolution from the world of visuals on stage to a visionary in transformative education.

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Welcome to episode three, where we follow Emily's transition from performing on cruise ships to standing in front of a classroom. While she once thrived as an actress and singer, facing thirty students is a whole new challenge. 

Join us as Emily shares her insights on establishing boundaries, earning respect, and trusting the learning process herself. Stay tuned to learn about the secret language of SULA shared between Emily and her mentor.

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